20th Anniversary

Healthy Living Carpet Care celebrated their 20th anniversary this past month. Mark provided us with a brief description of his company any the success he has had throughout the years.

“I started this business as a franchise Rainbow International Carpet Dyeing and Cleaning Co April 1995 as a new business service in the region. Over the years the business has grown and changed to become a more specialized provider of both emergency and non-emergency services. In 2012, the name changed to Healthy Living to reflect the business structure change from the previous franchise system to an independent services provider. This change has provided a whole new scope of marketing and social media changes.”
– Mark Stever, Owner

Today Healthy Living host a large online presence with 2 website
addresses healthylivingcarpetcare.ca<http://healthylivingcarpetcare.ca/> and healthylivingcarpetwaterdamage.ca<http://www.healthylivingcarpetwaterdamage.ca/> . Healthy Living had a large networking presence on Linkedin, a growing following on Twitter, and an ever growing likes on Facebook
Healthy Living has produced you tube demonstration on services and provided numerous posting on issues that affect home an property owner on issues of the day. As Healthy Living moves forward and grow, Mark Stever as President will continue to move in the direction of creating a more consumer friendly environment, with the goal of providing the knowledge needed for a more informed and transparent presence in the market.

Mark Stever
Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration Specialist
Tel: (519) 648-3640

Healthy Living 20th Ann