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Recent discussion on by may professionals on the treatment of mould in home by using chlorine bleach concluded that it is not an effective and safe treatment solution. So What is?

Mould is a nasty thing, there’s no denying that; however, there are ways to protect yourself and your home from the worst. Most homes have a bit of mould in them and it’s important to make sure it does not spread.

Here are some ways you can control the mould problem in your home:

Vinegar spray

White distilled vinegar is the cleaning connoisseurs’ best friend. Pour some into a spray bottle, spray on the mouldy area, and let it set. This solution doesn’t guarantee absolute mould removal, however, it can definitely help kill mould spores and stop them from spreading throughout your home.

Soap and water

Early stage mould problems can be tackled with a mixture of cleansing soap and water. You’ll want to put on some gloves and scrub the affected area thoroughly. This only works if the growth of the mould is not too severe. Mould that is in its later stages of growth or is out of control is better left to the experts.

Monitor humidity levels

Prevention is an important part of the removal process. Once you get rid of your mould problem, or before it becomes a problem at all, there are certain steps you can take to prevent it from getting worse. Monitoring the level of humidity inside your home is one such step. A damp and humid home is the perfect spot for mould and bacteria to proliferate and multiply.

Professional Restoration Services

Professional restoration companies use various methods of treating and containing a mould infestation in your home. First they will seal and contain the affected areas. Next they will set up filtration equipment to collect and control mould spores in the contained area. Then they will clean and treat the contaminated areas with a hydrogen peroxide based product, use sodium bicarbonate blasting and extraction system or apply a dry ice blasting process to kill and collect the mould spores and organic matter in the affected areas. There are other methods that may be tried, but these have become the industry standards. If the materials are not able to be  treated and cleaned, then the affected materials will need to be removed and replaced by workers using proper protective equipment to ensure no one is adversely affected with contact to this compromised materials. Healthy Living practices all of these safe protocols to ensure a safe and healthy working environment is present during this restoration work    

If you’re not sure if you have a mould problem, or do and are looking for a professional solution, the mould removal pros at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration in Breslau will work with you to craft a custom solution for your home.

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