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Upholstered furniture such as sofas, sectionals, armchairs and ottomans can be expensive items to purchase. They are also a major factor in the appearance of your home, and you want them to look their best. Regular care on your part, and occasional cleaning by a professional, will keep them looking good for a long time.

Know your fabrics and the manufacturer’s recommended care. If the fabric is not stain-resistant, consider having the piece sprayed with Scotchgard™ or a similar treatment. Regular care involves weekly vacuuming, including under the cushions. Clean up any spills quickly, blotting with a clean cloth until all the moisture is gone. For sticky foods, clean off what you can, allow it to dry, and then attempt to brush off the dried material. Spot cleaning may be necessary, but be careful; this can cause the cleaned area to look different (lighter or darker) from the surrounding area. Test an inconspicuous spot first, and consider having the entire piece cleaned instead.

If large areas of the item are soiled, it’s time for a professional cleaning. A reputable and trusted carpet and upholstery cleaner such as Healthy Living Carpet Care will do a better job than you can do with a rented cleaner, which will be time-consuming and difficult and will take longer to dry. They will pre-treat any problem spots first, and then a they will choose the proper cleaning and rinsing system to clean the fabric material on your furniture. The moisture and dirt will be extracted under pressure, and the upholstery is typically dry to the touch usually within one to two hours .

Call Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration of Kitchener, Ontario today at 519-648-3640, or toll-free 1-888-698-6906, and arrange to have your furniture cleaned by the pros. Check out all their other cleaning services, such as carpets and areas rugs, at www.healthylivingcarpetcare.ca.

The rug and upholstery cleaning professionals at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration in Kitchener make it easy to clean your rugs and furniture.


It can be hard to find the time necessary to properly care for the rugs and upholstery in your home. Pets, stains, wear and tear and other factors can chip away at the integrity of these pieces over time.

The technicians at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration make maintenance easy. They offer on-site upholstery cleaning and convenient pick up and deliver of any area or Oriental rugs to and from your home or office. They’ll take the stress out of having to set aside time during the day to clean your rugs and upholstery, which can often be a daunting task. They’ll come right to your home with the necessary tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently disinfect and restore upholstery.

  If you have no place to clean your carpet on your hardwood floor, it’s no problem. One of the technicians will come to your home, pick up your area or Oriental rugs, take them to their store, thoroughly clean and disinfect them and deliver the rugs back to your home at no extra cost to you. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

In addition to rug and upholstery cleaning services, they also offer carpet stretching and repair, regular carpet cleaning and maintenance, residential, commercial, pet deodorization, water damage structural repair, tile and grout, painting, drywall, mould remedy solutions and much more.

If you’re looking for a convenient and efficient way to clean your area rugs and upholstery, the experts at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration in Kitchener are only a phone call away.   IMG_0878

Give them a call at 519-648-3640, fill out their comment form online, send them an email, or visit their Goldbookor Facebook pages for more information.

Healthy Living Carpet Repair Waterloo, Ontario 2015 Healthy Living Completed Carpet Repair Waterloo, Ontario 2015

Healthy Living was recently contracted by a homeowner to complete this repair to a damaged area of carpet caused by a burn mark from an iron. With this type of repair it is impossible to restore the damaged carpet fibers. The damaged section of carpet must be removed and replaced with a new or donor piece of carpet, usually from a remnant or spare carpet left behind when the carpet was originally installed. Many times clients will call to arrange a repair such as this requesting we pick up or provide the donor piece of carpet required. Although this may sound like am easy solution, go to a carpet store pick a piece of carpet to complete the repair. Unless the carpet was recently installed, it is extremely unlikely any carpet store will have the exact style, pile and dye lot of the carpet in your home. If we were to just install the closest match we could find in the store, chances are the repair would stand out like a sore thumb, not match and my even look worse that it did before the repair was attempted. To complete the repair the cut and exposed edges of the carpet must be bonded again with a latex carpet adhesive to prevent carpet fibers from detaching from the carpet backing coming free from the carpet, by foot traffic and cleaning. The new donor piece of carpet must be secured to the carpet backing material with the use of carpet seaming tape and heat used to secure the cut sections of the donor carpet to the carpet secured to the floor. If this donor piece of carpet is not properly secured in this manner, it may move, it may not stay at the same height making the carpet repair look shabby and cheap. As well the carpet pile must be checked for direction of travel, so the donor piece looks the same installed as the carpet secured to the floor. If the pile runs in a different direction the repair will not property match the rest of the carpet, it will look out of place and may not even look like the same carpet was used for the repair. A proper carpet repair takes technical training and years of practice to achieve the level of competence to be installed without any noticeable signs that repair work had ever been done on the carpet. Healthy Living complete this type of repairs for it’s many clients on an on going basis. We are here to help.

Healthy Living Red Dye Damaged Carpet 2015  Healthy Living Carpet Care Repair Kitchener, Ontario 2015

Healthy Living Carpet Care services recently repaired a red dye stained carpet in a Kitchener, Ontario home. Many times these type of stains will not rinse out a carpet with a cleaning solution and hot water treatment. Generally a more complex method of stain removal is required using requiring a mix of product treatment such as Prochem Red Rescue or Stain Eliminator type of products with the application of high concentration of heat on a terry cloth towel to lift the dye stain for the carpet fibers.  Although We have been very successful many using these methods, in this situation, we choose to remove the red dye damaged carpet and successfully replace it with a bonded insert from a spare donor carpet supplied from this home owner. Notice how well we were able to install the new donor carpet without any signs of carpet seams. This is technique with highly developed skill that will prove to be a very pleasing repair option for our clients. Healthy Living is able to provide this level of skill that exceeds the abilities of the competitive cleaning in our market areas. A quality cleaning company can do more than just attempt to clean a carpet.

Healthy Living Restorations Fire & Smoke DamageA fire in your home, whether it’s a minor or a major one, is a traumatic event,

but Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restorationof Kitchener can help you through the cleanup process. They’ve been helping homeowners throughout the region since 1995 with carpet and rug cleaning, mould remediation and fire restoration.

Fire restoration is a service that requires specific knowledge and training. During a fire, smoke and soot travel throughout the home, entering into every nook and cranny, being absorbed into soft furnishings and even into hard surfaces. If not properly cleaned, the smoke odors will linger, an unpleasant reminder of the catastrophe. There may also be water damage from efforts to fight the fire, and that, too, must be located,treated & dried appropriately to remove stains, moisture and the resulting potential for mould and/or mildew growth.

All soot must be removed from every surface; the method and materials used will depend on the type of surface. Floors and other hard surfaces such as tables and chairs must be individually cleaned. Carpets and area rugs need special care to ensure that smoke and water, which have infiltrated the fibers, are completely removed. Everything should be cleaned with products that not only clean but also deodorize, neutralizing odors. If water has been used to fight the fire, all moisture must be removed from the home; it should be thoroughly dried using proper humidification equipment and HEPA Air Scrubbers. Any resulting resulting residue must be cleaned and treated to prevent mould/mildew growth.

Healthy Living Carpet Care has the training and the years of experience to thoroughly and meticulously clean your home after a fire, ensuring that all residue is removed and leaving no odors behind. Their compassion and professionalism in the face of this devastating experience will help you navigate the process of returning your home to its normal state.

Call Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration today at 519-648-3640, or toll-free at 1-888-698-6906, for more information or to schedule an appointment. Their courteous and efficient uniformed technicians can restore your home to its former beauty and help you recover from the fire. Their website at www.healthylivingcarpetcare.cahas more information on all the cleaning and restoration services they offer.

Healthy Living responding to water damage in finished basement of home
Healthy Living responding to water damage in finished basement of home

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Healthy Living Carpet Care celebrated their 20th anniversary this past month. Mark provided us with a brief description of his company any the success he has had throughout the years.

“I started this business as a franchise Rainbow International Carpet Dyeing and Cleaning Co April 1995 as a new business service in the region. Over the years the business has grown and changed to become a more specialized provider of both emergency and non-emergency services. In 2012, the name changed to Healthy Living to reflect the business structure change from the previous franchise system to an independent services provider. This change has provided a whole new scope of marketing and social media changes.”
– Mark Stever, Owner

Today Healthy Living host a large online presence with 2 website
addresses healthylivingcarpetcare.ca<http://healthylivingcarpetcare.ca/> and healthylivingcarpetwaterdamage.ca<http://www.healthylivingcarpetwaterdamage.ca/> . Healthy Living had a large networking presence on Linkedin, a growing following on Twitter, and an ever growing likes on Facebook
Healthy Living has produced you tube demonstration on services and provided numerous posting on issues that affect home an property owner on issues of the day. As Healthy Living moves forward and grow, Mark Stever as President will continue to move in the direction of creating a more consumer friendly environment, with the goal of providing the knowledge needed for a more informed and transparent presence in the market.

Mark Stever
Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration Specialist
Tel: (519) 648-3640

Healthy Living 20th Ann

The carpet stretching and repair pros at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restorationin Breslau have almost two decades of experience in all things carpet care. Read more





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Responding to water damage in your home

There are many places in your home where water damage could occur: the basement, the washroom, the laundry facilities, or the kitchen. When you discover water damage, it can be difficult to know how to respond. If you mop up the water, will that be enough?

Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restorationhave been providing expert carpet care services to residents and businesses in the KITCHENER,WATERLOO,CAMBRIDGE AND GUELPH areas for over 20 years. We provide 24 hour emergency service to help you assess water damage, and determine the necessary course of action.

In some circumstances, mopping up the excess water and allowing the area to dry will be an adequate response. But usually, the moisture has much farther-reaching effects than you realize at first. Different surfaces absorb water at different rates. A carpet or foam pad, for example, will soak up water quickly and develop mould spores that are dangerous for you and your family. Hardwood flooring will absorb moisture at a slower pace, but will be more difficult to dry properly. Baseboards and drywall can also absorb moisture from a leak, and because of the paint on these surfaces, water can get trapped between materials, causing long-lasting damage that you can’t see at first.

You may require professional intervention to address the issues caused in your home by water leaks, but you can’t be sure until you’ve had Healthy Living Carpet Care assess the situation. Their experienced technicians will be able to diagnose the extent of the damage, and guide you to use restorative drying techniques, or pursue a restoration and mould removal service. Call 519-648-3640 for a free estimate.

To learn more about Healthy Living Carpet Care and their services, visit the website, or check them out on Facebook and Youtube.

A good response to water damage in your home will help you maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family.