The carpet experts at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration in KWC and Guelph specialize in extending the life of your carpets through the power of deep cleaning.

Keeping the carpets in your home clean is no easy feat and there are common mistakes you’ll want to avoid and tips you’ll want to consider in order to keep your home looking its very best.

Don’t let the spill set

This one might seem obvious, but a lot of the time it’s one you may forget. Always try to remove liquid based spills as soon as possible. Dry soiling and stains can should be removed by vacuuming the carpet. Never apply a product to remove a stain unless you have a method of rinsing the product and staining from the carpet.

Especially the staining that results from pets or colored substances. The likelihood of a spill becoming a stain when left untouched is much higher than if you tackle the spill right away. The pros at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration are spot and stain removal experts who can help you come up with a solution that’ll not only be effective but also efficient.

Clean spills properly

Scrubbing the soiled spot on your carpet too rigidly is a common mistake people make when attempting to remove a spill. The best thing you can do for yourself and your carpet is to soak up the spill with paper towels and/or terry cloth towels. Apply weight to the area then gently wipe warm water on the area to remove the spill. Two common items in a home for spills are laundry detergent deluded in water for for more acidic based soiling and staining. White vinegar deluded in water may be helpful for more alkaline based soiling or staining spills. Always test for colorfastness first. When in doubt, do not apply anything on your carpet. Call a professional first for advise.

Consult a professional cleaner

Persistent stains that just won’t go away are best left to a professional cleaning expert. Many people underestimate the importance of getting their carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis for hard to remove stains.

The pros at Healthy Living can access the the difficult staining issues, make the proper recommendations for cleaning and or repair.

Whether you’re looking for a quick spot or stain removal or a thorough deep cleaning of all the carpet and upholstery in your home, the carpet cleaning experts at Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration in Breslau will work with you to make your carpets shine like new.

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