Healthy Living using Saphire Hoss 700 Rotary Cleaning attachment for large commercial cleaning areas 2016

Healthy Living repairs and re installs carpet after years of ripples and loose carpets.


Healthy Living Emergency Water Damage Restoration Kitchener Ontario
Healthy Living Restorations drywall repair and reconstruction services 2015

Healthy Living Restorations restorative drys water damaged basement in 2015
Healthy Living Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Kitchener, Ontario 2016

Healthy Living Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Before Picture
Healthy Living Restoration Drywall Repairs in shop for quick onsite installation 2015

Healthy Living add 5th Generation Carpet Dying products to inventory for 2016

Healthy Living successfully redyes faded and yellowing carpet in public building common areas

Healthy Living Red Dye Stain in Client Kitchener home for repair 2015
Healthy Living successfully repairs damaged carpet in Kitchener home 2015

Healthy Living Restoration Water damage repair due to a heavy rain event
Healthy Living example of “a Cleaner Experience”
Healthy Living Safely working on city streets
Healthy Living adds Dri Eaz Jet Fans For larger water damage claims
Healthy Living Water Damage Restoration Restorative drying Clean water Damage 2015

Healthy Living Restorations preparing for mould remdiation work
Healthy Living Restoration Emergency Response Services Water Damage
Healthy Living Ads Drizair HEPA 500 Air Scrubbers
Healthy Living Carpet Cleaning using new high capacity truck mounted cleaningunit
Healthy Living is able to clean a large volume of area rugs for clients
Healthy Living responding to water damage in finished basement of home
Healthy Living Cleaning Ceramic Tile & Grout to a brilliant shine.
Healthy Living Carpet Repair and stretching to remove rippling from loose carpet

Water Damage Flooding
Healthy Living Water Damage Restoration

Healthy Living is able to use smoke generation technology for odor issues in home to

Healthy Living Water Damage Restoration Restorative drying after water damaged materials were removed Waterloo Ontario

Healthy Living Restorations structural drying after demolition due to a water damage event

Healthy Living Restorations Kitchener, Ontario 2016
Healthy Living Restorations re mediates mould and in attic, repairs and re insulates in 2015

Health Living installs new flooring in commercial office location Cambridge,Ontario 2016

Healthy Living Restorations after hours emergency response services.