Healthy Living Repairs Damaged Carpet with bonded insert

Healthy Living Carpet Repair Waterloo, Ontario 2015 Healthy Living Completed Carpet Repair Waterloo, Ontario 2015

Healthy Living was recently contracted by a homeowner to complete this repair to a damaged area of carpet caused by a burn mark from an iron. With this type of repair it is impossible to restore the damaged carpet fibers. The damaged section of carpet must be removed and replaced with a new or donor piece of carpet, usually from a remnant or spare carpet left behind when the carpet was originally installed. Many times clients will call to arrange a repair such as this requesting we pick up or provide the donor piece of carpet required. Although this may sound like am easy solution, go to a carpet store pick a piece of carpet to complete the repair. Unless the carpet was recently installed, it is extremely unlikely any carpet store will have the exact style, pile and dye lot of the carpet in your home. If we were to just install the closest match we could find in the store, chances are the repair would stand out like a sore thumb, not match and my even look worse that it did before the repair was attempted. To complete the repair the cut and exposed edges of the carpet must be bonded again with a latex carpet adhesive to prevent carpet fibers from detaching from the carpet backing coming free from the carpet, by foot traffic and cleaning. The new donor piece of carpet must be secured to the carpet backing material with the use of carpet seaming tape and heat used to secure the cut sections of the donor carpet to the carpet secured to the¬†floor. If this donor piece of carpet is not properly secured in this manner, it may move, it may not stay at the same height making the carpet repair look shabby and cheap. As well the carpet pile must be checked for direction of travel, so the donor piece looks the same installed as the carpet secured to the floor. If the pile runs in a different direction the repair will not property match the rest of the carpet, it will look out of place and may not even look like the same carpet was used for the repair. A proper carpet repair takes technical training and years of practice to achieve the level of competence to be installed without any noticeable signs that repair work had ever been done on the carpet. Healthy Living complete this type of repairs for it’s many clients on an on going basis. We are here to help.