Healthy Living Successfully Repairs Bleach and dye stained damaged carpets

Healthy Living Red Dye Damaged Carpet 2015  Healthy Living Carpet Care Repair Kitchener, Ontario 2015

Healthy Living Carpet Care services recently repaired a red dye stained carpet in a Kitchener, Ontario home. Many times these type of stains will not rinse out a carpet with a cleaning solution and hot water treatment. Generally a more complex method of stain removal is required using requiring a mix of product treatment such as Prochem Red Rescue or Stain Eliminator type of products with the application of high concentration of heat on a terry cloth towel to lift the dye stain for the carpet fibers.  Although We have been very successful many using these methods, in this situation, we choose to remove the red dye damaged carpet and successfully replace it with a bonded insert from a spare donor carpet supplied from this home owner. Notice how well we were able to install the new donor carpet without any signs of carpet seams. This is technique with highly developed skill that will prove to be a very pleasing repair option for our clients. Healthy Living is able to provide this level of skill that exceeds the abilities of the competitive cleaning in our market areas. A quality cleaning company can do more than just attempt to clean a carpet.