Smoke or Fire Damage in Home Business or Office

Healthy Living Restorations Fire & Smoke DamageA fire in your home, whether it’s a minor or a major one, is a traumatic event,

but Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restorationof Kitchener can help you through the cleanup process. They’ve been helping homeowners throughout the region since 1995 with carpet and rug cleaning, mould remediation and fire restoration.

Fire restoration is a service that requires specific knowledge and training. During a fire, smoke and soot travel throughout the home, entering into every nook and cranny, being absorbed into soft furnishings and even into hard surfaces. If not properly cleaned, the smoke odors will linger, an unpleasant reminder of the catastrophe. There may also be water damage from efforts to fight the fire, and that, too, must be located,treated & dried appropriately to remove stains, moisture and the resulting potential for mould and/or mildew growth.

All soot must be removed from every surface; the method and materials used will depend on the type of surface. Floors and other hard surfaces such as tables and chairs must be individually cleaned. Carpets and area rugs need special care to ensure that smoke and water, which have infiltrated the fibers, are completely removed. Everything should be cleaned with products that not only clean but also deodorize, neutralizing odors. If water has been used to fight the fire, all moisture must be removed from the home; it should be thoroughly dried using proper humidification equipment and HEPA Air Scrubbers. Any resulting resulting residue must be cleaned and treated to prevent mould/mildew growth.

Healthy Living Carpet Care has the training and the years of experience to thoroughly and meticulously clean your home after a fire, ensuring that all residue is removed and leaving no odors behind. Their compassion and professionalism in the face of this devastating experience will help you navigate the process of returning your home to its normal state.

Call Healthy Living Carpet Care & Restoration today at 519-648-3640, or toll-free at 1-888-698-6906, for more information or to schedule an appointment. Their courteous and efficient uniformed technicians can restore your home to its former beauty and help you recover from the fire. Their website at www.healthylivingcarpetcare.cahas more information on all the cleaning and restoration services they offer.